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Tire Rotation Service

Mopar Tire Rotation Service

Tire Rotation & Brake Inspection Service

Tires and brakes are a dynamic duo in terms of action, servicing, and much more. We love it when our tires are in good condition and we love it when our brakes can slow our tires as needed. Even more than that, we love it when they both work so we can all drive safely from one spot to the next.

Benefits of tire rotation

At Elder Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Cedar Creek, we like to make things easy when it comes to car service and maintenance. We are happy to offer professional tire rotation and brake inspection to make sure your car is performing at its best on the road.

  • Tire health: your tires wear more in some areas than others due to turning, weight distribution, and other things. Having them rotated regularly allows the tire tread wear to stay even.
  • Unhealthy tire wear tread can cost your tires thousands of miles.
  • A better ride. Even tread wear means your drives will be smooth as possible - which is not only great for you and your passengers but also your car. A smooth ride means other parts of your car are not having to work extra to make sure things are staying aligned as they should.

Brake Inspection is also Essential

Our brake inspection is also essential. As we all know, stopping when necessary is a good thing. Our team of professionals ensures your brakes are working in top-notch condition.

Signs your brakes need to be inspected:

  • You hear a squeaky sound when you apply them
  • The brake feels “spongy”
  • You find yourself starting to brake sooner or harder than normal

Your tires should be rotated about every 6,000-8,000 miles. When done, you should also have your brakes inspected. Our team knocks out both in one go to save you time from coming back later.

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At Elder Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Cedar Creek, we understand car service is never too convenient. This is why we work so hard to get everything done in the area we’re working in - like your tires and brakes, oil change, and oil filter replacement. There’s a reason why drivers all around the Gun Barrel, TX area prefer the professional team at Elder Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Cedar Creek.

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